Pistia Meaning in Nepali

Meanings of Pistia in Nepali

Pistia, also known as water lettuce, is a floating aquatic plant that belongs to the Araceae family. In Nepali, the word “Pistia” can have several meanings:

  1. Noun: पिस्तिया (pistia) – refers to the plant itself, water lettuce.
  2. Noun: जलकुम्भी (jalkumbhi) – a general term for aquatic plants, including Pistia.
  3. Noun: जलकपास (jalkapas) – another term used for Pistia, specifically in the context of its floating nature.

Parts of Speech of Pistia

The word “Pistia” is primarily used as a noun in Nepali. It refers to the plant species known as water lettuce.

Pistia Synonyms

Here are some synonyms for Pistia in Nepali:

  • जलकुम्भी (jalkumbhi) – water lettuce
  • जलकपास (jalkapas) – water lettuce
  • जलपात्री (jalpatree) – water lettuce
  • जलबालु (jalbalu) – water lettuce

Pistia Antonyms

There are no specific antonyms for Pistia in Nepali. However, if we consider the opposite of a floating aquatic plant, it would be a terrestrial plant, which can be referred to as “भूमिकुम्भी” (bhumikumbhi) in Nepali.

Pistia Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to Pistia in Nepali:

  • Noun: जलबिन्दु (jalbindu) – water droplet
  • Noun: जलधारा (jaladhara) – waterfall
  • Noun: जलविद्युत् (jalavidyut) – hydroelectricity
  • Noun: जलप्रपात (jalprapat) – waterfall
  • Noun: जलयात्रा (jalayatra) – water journey
  • Noun: जलवाहक (jalwahak) – water carrier

These words are related to water, aquatic environments, and activities associated with water.

In conclusion, Pistia, or water lettuce, is a floating aquatic plant known for its distinctive appearance. In Nepali, it is referred to as पिस्तिया (pistia), जलकुम्भी (jalkumbhi), or जलकपास (jalkapas). It is primarily used as a noun and can be synonymous with जलपात्री (jalpatree) or जलबालु (jalbalu). While there are no specific antonyms for Pistia, the opposite can be considered as terrestrial plants, known as भूमिकुम्भी (bhumikumbhi) in Nepali.

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