balance of accounts

Balance of Accounts Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

खाताको संतुलन (noun)

खाताको शेष (noun)

खाताको बकाया (noun)

Part of Speech:



(bal-uhns uhv uh-kounts)

Balance of Accounts Synonyms:

1. Financial Statement (आर्थिक विवरण)

2. Account Balance (खाता संतुलन)

3. Financial Balance (आर्थिक संतुलन)

4. Ledger Balance (लेजर संतुलन)

5. Book Balance (पुस्तक संतुलन)

Description and Origination:

Balance of accounts refers to the calculation of the remaining amount in a financial account after all debits and credits have been accounted for. It represents the net value of the account at a specific point in time. This term is commonly used in accounting and finance to assess the financial position of an individual or organization. The balance of accounts provides valuable insights into the overall financial health and stability. It helps in determining the available funds, outstanding debts, and financial obligations. The concept of balance of accounts originated from the need to accurately track and manage financial transactions.


1. Imbalance (असंतुलन)

2. Deficit (घाटा)

3. Debt (कर्जा)

4. Liability (दायित्व)

5. Overdraft (ओभरड्राफ्ट)


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