bad coin

Bad Coin Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

1. खराब सिक्का (noun)

2. बेकार सिक्का (noun)

3. नचलेको सिक्का (noun)

Part of Speech:



(bad coin)

Bad Coin Synonyms:

1. Counterfeit (नकली)

2. Fake (जाली)

3. Spurious (जाली)

4. Forged (जाली)

5. Sham (जाली)

6. Bogus (जाली)

Description and Origination:

A bad coin refers to a counterfeit or fake coin that is not genuine or valid. It is a term used to describe a coin that has been forged or made to deceive others. These coins are often created with the intention of passing them off as genuine currency. The origination of bad coins can be traced back to various instances throughout history where individuals sought to profit by creating fake currency. It is important to be cautious and aware of bad coins to avoid financial losses or fraudulent transactions.


1. Genuine (वास्तविक)

2. Authentic (प्रामाणिक)

3. Valid (मान्य)

4. Legitimate (कानूनी)

5. Real (वास्तविक)


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