Bacteriological Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: जीवाणुशास्त्रिय (jiwanshastriya), जीवाणुविज्ञानिक (jiwanuvigyanik)

Part of Speech:

Bacteriological is an adjective.



Bacteriological Synonyms:

1. Microbiological – माइक्रोबायोलोजिकल (maikrobayolojikal)

2. Germinal – जीवाणुसम्बन्धी (jiwanusambandhi)

3. Microbial – सूक्ष्मजीवाणुसम्बन्धी (sukshmajiwanusambandhi)

4. Pathogenic – रोगाणुसम्बन्धी (roganusambandhi)

5. Infectious – संक्रामक (sankramak)

6. Contagious – संक्रामक (sankramak)

Description and Origination:

Bacteriological is an adjective that relates to the study of bacteria. It is derived from the word “bacteriology,” which is the branch of science that deals with the identification, classification, and study of bacteria. Bacteriological research plays a crucial role in various fields such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental science. It helps in understanding the nature of bacteria, their impact on human health, and developing strategies to control and prevent bacterial infections.


1. Non-bacterial – जीवाणुहीन (jiwanuhin)

2. Aseptic – जीवाणुरहित (jiwanurahit)

3. Sterile – जीवाणुरहित (jiwanurahit)

4. Clean – स्वच्छ (swachha)

5. Pure – शुद्ध (shuddha)


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