Backwashes Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: पछाडीको पानी, पछाडीको धुँवा, पछाडीको लागो

Nearby Words:

Noun: Backward, Backwardness, Backwash, Backwater, Backwoods

Verb: Backward, Backwash, Backwater

Part of Speech:




Synonyms of Backwashes:

1. Aftermath – पछाडीको परिणाम

2. Consequence – परिणाम

3. Outcome – परिणाम

4. Result – परिणाम

5. Repercussion – परिणाम

6. Sequel – परिणाम

Description and Origination of Backwashes:

Backwashes refer to the water or other liquid that flows back or is forced back in the opposite direction. It can also refer to the aftermath or consequences of a particular event or action. The term originated from the combination of the words “back” and “wash,” indicating the backward flow or movement.


1. Cause – कारण

2. Origin – उत्पत्ति

3. Source – स्रोत

4. Beginning – सुरुवात

5. Start – सुरु

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