Backpacks Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: ब्याकप्याक (byākpyāk), थैली (thaīlī), झोला (jhōlā)

Nearby Words:

Noun: Bag (झोला), Rucksack (रक्साक), Sack (थैली), Knapsack (ब्याकप्याक), Haversack (ब्याकप्याक)

Part of Speech:




Backpacks Synonyms:

1. Rucksack – रक्साक

2. Knapsack – ब्याकप्याक

3. Bag – झोला

4. Sack – थैली

5. Haversack – ब्याकप्याक

Description and Origination:

A backpack, known as “ब्याकप्याक” (byākpyāk) in Nepali, is a type of bag that is carried on one’s back, usually with two straps that go over the shoulders. It is commonly used for carrying personal belongings, such as books, clothes, or other essentials. Backpacks are popular among students, hikers, and travelers due to their convenience and ability to distribute weight evenly across the body. They originated from the need for a practical and comfortable way to transport items while keeping hands free. Backpacks have evolved over time, incorporating various designs and features to cater to different purposes and preferences.


1. Frontpack – फ्रन्टप्याक

2. Handbag – ह्यान्डब्याग

3. Shoulder bag – कन्धमा लगाउने झोला

4. Tote bag – टोट ब्याग

5. Duffel bag – डफल ब्याग

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