Backpack Meaning in Nepali

Backpack, also known as “ब्याकप्याक” in Nepali, is a noun that refers to a bag with shoulder straps that allows it to be carried on one’s back. It is commonly used for carrying personal belongings, such as books, clothes, or supplies.

Nearby Words

  • Backbone (noun) – मुख्य आधार, मुख्य आधारभूत तत्व
  • Backbite (verb) – पीछाडा गर्नु, अन्यायी तरिकाले बोल्नु
  • Backfire (verb) – पछाडी फर्कनु, उल्टो फल्नु
  • Backlash (noun) – पछाडीको प्रतिक्रिया, पछाडीको विरोध
  • Backslide (verb) – पछाडी फर्कनु, पुरानो अवस्थामा फर्कनु

Part of Speech

Backpack is a noun.



Backpack Synonyms

  • Rucksack – रक्साक
  • Knapsack – नट्टा
  • Haversack – हभरसाक
  • Satchel – थैली
  • Bagpack – ब्यागप्याक
  • Kitbag – किटब्याग

A backpack is a type of bag that is carried on one’s back, commonly used for carrying personal belongings. It is known as “ब्याकप्याक” in Nepali. The word backpack is a noun and is pronounced as (bækˌpæk). Some synonyms of backpack in English include rucksack, knapsack, haversack, satchel, bagpack, and kitbag. For more information, you can refer to,, or


  • Frontpack – सामुदायिक ब्यागप्याक
  • Handbag – हेन्डब्याग
  • Purse – पर्स
  • Tote – टोट
  • Shoulder bag – कन्धमा लगाउने ब्याग
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