Backbiting Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: अन्तर्जाली, अन्तर्जालीकरण, अन्तर्जालीकरणको अर्थ

Part of Speech:

Backbiting is a noun.



Backbiting Synonyms:

1. Gossip – गपशप

2. Slander – अपमान

3. Defamation – अपवाद

4. Rumor – अफवाह

5. Scandal – घोषणा

6. Smear – दाग

Description and Origination:

Backbiting refers to the act of speaking negatively about someone behind their back. It involves spreading gossip, slander, or rumors that can harm a person’s reputation. This behavior is considered unethical and can lead to strained relationships and mistrust among individuals. Backbiting is believed to have originated from ancient times when people would gather in small communities and engage in idle talk about others. It is important to promote a culture of respect and kindness, avoiding backbiting and focusing on constructive communication.


1. Praise – प्रशंसा

2. Compliment – सराहना

3. Appreciation – मूल्यांकन

4. Support – समर्थन

5. Encouragement – प्रोत्साहन

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