Backbiter Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: अन्तर्घाती, अन्तर्घातक, अन्तर्घाती व्यक्ति

Part of Speech:

Backbiter is a noun.



Backbiter Synonyms:

1. Gossipmonger – चुगलखोर

2. Slanderer – अपमानकर्ता

3. Defamer – अपमानकर्ता

4. Talebearer – चुगलखोर

5. Mudslinger – अपमानकर्ता

6. Traducer – अपमानकर्ता

Description and Origination:

A backbiter is someone who speaks ill of others behind their backs. This term originated from the combination of “back” and “bite,” indicating the act of attacking or harming someone’s reputation from a hidden or secretive position. Backbiting is considered a negative and harmful behavior as it can damage relationships and create a toxic environment. It is important to promote open and honest communication to avoid backbiting and maintain healthy relationships.


1. Supporter – समर्थक

2. Ally – सहायक

3. Advocate – प्रचारक

4. Defender – रक्षक

5. Protector – संरक्षक

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