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Back to Back Meaning in Nepali


1. पछाडि पछाडि (pachhadi pachhadi)

2. पछाडि देखि पछाडि (pachhadi dekhi pachhadi)

3. एक पछाडि देखि अर्को पछाडि (ek pachhadi dekhi arko pachhadi)

Nearby Words:

1. Back (noun) – पछाडि (pachhadi)

2. To (preposition) – लाई (lai)

3. Backward (adjective) – पछाडि (pachhadi)

Part of Speech:

Back to Back is an adverbial phrase.


(back to back) – [bak tuh bak]


1. Consecutively – लगातार (lagatar)

2. Successively – अनुक्रमणिक (anukramanik)

3. Continuously – निरन्तर (nirantar)

4. Sequentially – क्रमशः (kramasha)

5. Uninterrupted – अविरत (avirat)

Description and Origination:

The phrase “back to back” refers to something happening or being arranged in immediate succession or without any interruption. It originated from the physical concept of having one’s back facing another person’s back, symbolizing a continuous flow or connection. In Nepali, it can be translated as “पछाडि पछाडि” (pachhadi pachhadi) or “पछाडि देखि पछाडि” (pachhadi dekhi pachhadi). This phrase is commonly used in various contexts, such as describing consecutive wins, continuous events, or uninterrupted actions.


1. Separately – अलग अलग (alag alag)

2. Individually – व्यक्तिगत रूपमा (vyaktigat rupama)

3. Sporadically – छिटो छिटो (chhito chhito)

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