Attics Meaning in Nepali: अटिका, छतको भित्रको कोठा, छतको भित्रको ठाउँ

Nearby Words:

Noun: Roof, Ceiling, Loft, Garret, Upper Room

Adjective: High, Elevated, Upper, Overhead

Part of Speech of Attics:


Pronunciation of Attics:


Attics Synonyms:

Loft, Garret, Upper Room, Roof Space, Crawl Space, Storage Space

Nepali Translation: अटिका, छतको भित्रको कोठा, छतको भित्रको ठाउँ, छतको ठाउँ, छतको भित्रको ठाउँ, संग्रहण स्थान

Description and Origination of Attics:

An attic is a space found directly below the pitched roof of a house or building. It is typically used for storage or as an extra room. Attics are commonly found in houses with sloping roofs. They provide additional space that can be utilized for various purposes. The word “attic” originated from the Greek word “attikē,” which referred to the region of Attica in Greece. Attics have been used for centuries and have evolved to serve different functions in different cultures.


Basement, Cellar, Ground Floor, Lower Level

Nepali Translation: तल्लो मञ्जिल, तल्लो मञ्जिल, मुख्य मंजिल, तल्लो स्तर

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