acid drops

Acid Drops

Meaning in Nepali:

अम्ल बूँदहरू, अम्ल बिन्दुहरू


(æsɪd drɒps)

Part of Speech:


Nearby Words:

  • Acid: (noun) अम्ल, (verb) अम्लीकरण गर्नु
  • Drops: (noun) बूँदहरू, (verb) बिन्दुहरू
  • Sour: (adjective) खट्टा, (noun) खट्टाई
  • Tart: (adjective) खट्टा, (noun) खट्टाई
  • Vinegar: (noun) सिरका


  • Sour candies
  • Tart drops
  • Acid sweets
  • Sour drops
  • Tangy candies


मिठो बूँदहरू (Sweet drops)

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Acid drops refer to small candies or sweets that have a sour or tart taste. These candies are often coated with a layer of citric acid or other sour flavorings, giving them their distinctive taste. In Nepali, acid drops are known as “अम्ल बूँदहरू” or “अम्ल बिन्दुहरू”. The word “acid” refers to a substance with a pH level lower than 7, while “drops” indicate small liquid or solid pieces. Acid drops are commonly enjoyed as a treat or used to alleviate symptoms of dry mouth. They are popular among both children and adults who enjoy the tangy flavor. Some synonyms for acid drops include sour candies, tart drops, and acid sweets. The antonym for acid drops in Nepali is “मिठो बूँदहरू” (sweet drops).

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