Meaning in Nepali: वायुमण्डलीयता, वायुमण्डलीयताको अध्ययन

Pronunciation: (air-uh-stat-iks)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Aerodynamics: noun – वायुमण्डलीयता
  • Aeronautics: noun – विमानशास्त्र
  • Aeroplane: noun – विमान
  • Aerospace: noun – वायुमण्डलीय
  • Aerobic: adjective – वायुमण्डलीय


  • airship
  • balloon
  • dirigible
  • zeppelin
  • blimp


No antonyms found in Nepali.

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Overall, aerostatics refers to the study of the behavior and properties of gases, especially in relation to lighter-than-air flight. It involves the principles and techniques used in the design and operation of airships, balloons, and other similar aircraft. The term “aerostatics” is derived from the combination of the Greek words “aero” meaning air and “statikos” meaning causing to stand. It is an intriguing field that has contributed to advancements in aviation and exploration of the atmosphere.

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