Athlete Meaning in Nepali: खेलाडी, खेलाडीहरू, खेलाडीले, खेलाडीहरूले

Nearby Words:

Noun: खेलाडी (khelāḍī), खेलाडीहरू (khelāḍīharū)

Verb: खेलाडीले (khelāḍīle), खेलाडीहरूले (khelāḍīharūle)

Part of Speech:




Athlete Synonyms:

1. Player – खेलाडी (khelāḍī)

2. Sportsman – खेलाडी (khelāḍī)

3. Competitor – प्रतियोगी (pratiyogī)

4. Champion – विजेता (vijētā)

5. Contender – प्रतियोगी (pratiyogī)

6. Jock – खेलाडी (khelāḍī)

Description and Origination of Athlete:

An athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other physical activities. They participate in competitive events and showcase their skills and abilities. Athletes can be professional or amateur, and they often undergo rigorous training to excel in their chosen sport. The term “athlete” originated from the Greek word “athlētēs,” which means “contestant” or “prizefighter.” Athletes are admired for their physical prowess, discipline, and dedication to their sport.


1. Couch potato – आलसी (ālasī)

2. Non-athlete – अखेलाडी (akhelāḍī)

3. Inactive – निष्क्रिय (niṣkriya)

4. Unfit – अनुपयुक्त (anupayukta)

5. Lazy – आलसी (ālasī)

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