at the request of

At the Request of Meaning in Nepali: नेपालीमा “अनुरोधमा” भन्नाले अर्थ छ।

Nearby Words:

Noun: Request (अनुरोध), Demand (आवश्यकता), Appeal (अपिल), Petition (याचिका)

Verb: Ask (प्रश्न गर्नु), Beg (बिन्ती गर्नु), Solicit (याचना गर्नु), Entreat (अनुरोध गर्नु)

Part of Speech of “At the Request of”:

Prepositional Phrase

Pronunciation of “At the Request of”:

(æt ðə rɪˈkwɛst ʌv)

Synonyms of “At the Request of” in English with Nepali Translation:

Upon Request – अनुरोधमा, On Behalf of – बखतबर्तमान, In Response to – प्रतिक्रियामा, As Per Request – अनुरोधानुसार, By Order of – आदेशमा, At the Behest of – आदेशमा

Description and Origination of “At the Request of” (Focus Keyword: At the Request of Meaning in Nepali):

“At the Request of” is a prepositional phrase used to indicate that something is being done or provided in response to a specific request. It implies that the action or decision is made based on someone’s appeal or demand. This phrase originated from the English language and is commonly used in formal and official contexts.


Against the Request of – अनुरोधको विपरीत, In Opposition to the Request of – अनुरोधको विपरीतमा

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