at the most

At the Most Meaning in Nepali: नेपालीमा “at the most” भनेको अर्थ छ।

Nearby Words:

Noun: अधिकतमता, अधिकतम, अधिकतमतामा, अधिकतमताको

Adverb: अधिकतर, अधिकतम, अधिकतमता, अधिकतमतामा

Part of Speech of At the Most:


Pronunciation of At the Most:

(æt ðə moʊst)

At the Most Synonyms:

1. Maximum (अधिकतम)

2. Utmost (अत्यन्त)

3. Highest (उच्चतम)

4. Topmost (शीर्ष)

5. Extreme (अत्यन्त)

6. Ultimate (अंतिम)

Description and Origination of At the Most: “At the most” is an adverb that indicates the highest or maximum limit of something. It is used to express a boundary or constraint. The phrase originated from the English language and is commonly used in various contexts to convey the uppermost limit of a particular situation or quantity.


1. Minimum (न्यूनतम)

2. Least (कम्तिम)

3. Smallest (सबैभन्दा छोटो)

4. Lowest (निम्नतम)

5. Bottommost (तल्लो)

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