at all events

At All Events Meaning in Nepali: जुनसुकै घटनामा, जुनसुकै अवस्थामा, जुनसुकै प्रकारमा

Nearby Words:

Noun: Event (घटना), Situation (अवस्था), Circumstance (परिस्थिति)

Adjective: Certain (निश्चित), Specific (निश्चित), Particular (विशेष)

Adverb: Definitely (निश्चित रूपमा), Surely (निश्चय गर्नुहोस्), Certainly (निश्चित रूपमा)

Part of Speech of At All Events:


Pronunciation of At All Events:

(at awl ih-vents)

At All Events Synonyms:

Regardless, Anyway (जुनसुकै अवस्थामा), Nevertheless (तथापि), Nonetheless (तथापि), In any case (जुनसुकै अवस्थामा), In any event (जुनसुकै घटनामा)

Description and Origination of At All Events:

At all events is an adverb phrase that is used to emphasize that something is true or will happen in any situation or regardless of other factors. It is often used to introduce a statement that is being made in spite of other circumstances. The phrase originated in the English language and has been in use since the 19th century.


However (तर), Nevertheless (तथापि), Nonetheless (तथापि), Still (अझै), Yet (अझै)

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