Astern Meaning in Nepali: पछाडि, पछाडी, पछाडिको, पछाडीमा, पछाडीको

Nearby Words:

1. Asthma (Noun): दमा

2. Astonish (Verb): आश्चर्य गराउनु

3. Astound (Verb): आश्चर्य लाग्नु

4. Astray (Adverb): गलत दिशामा

5. Astrology (Noun): ज्योतिष

Part of Speech of Astern:


Pronunciation of Astern:


Astern Synonyms:

1. Behind (पछाडि)

2. Aft (पछाडी)

3. Backward (पछाडिको)

4. Rearward (पछाडीमा)

5. Back (पछाडीको)

Description and Origination of Astern: Astern is an adverb that describes the direction of movement or position of an object or vessel, indicating that it is behind or in the rear. It is commonly used in nautical contexts to refer to the back or rear of a ship. The word “astern” originated from the combination of the Middle English word “a-” meaning “on” or “in” and the Old English word “stern” meaning “rear.”


1. Ahead (अगाडि)

2. Forward (अगाडिको)

3. In front (अगाडीमा)

4. Before (अगाडीको)

5. Frontward (अगाडी)

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