assistant headmaster

Assistant Headmaster Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the term “Assistant Headmaster” can be translated into several meanings. Some of the Nepali meanings of this title include “सहायक प्रमुख अध्यापक” (sahāyaka pramukha adhyāpaka), “सहायक अध्यापकमुख्य” (sahāyaka adhyāpakamukhya), and “सहायक शिक्षाधिकारी” (sahāyaka śikṣādhikārī).

Nearby Words

Some nearby words related to “Assistant Headmaster” in Nepali include:


– अध्यापक (adhyāpaka) – Teacher

– प्रमुख अध्यापक (pramukha adhyāpaka) – Principal

– शिक्षाधिकारी (śikṣādhikārī) – Education Officer

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (uh-sis-tuhnt hed-mas-ter)

Assistant Headmaster Synonyms

Some synonyms of “Assistant Headmaster” in English with their Nepali translations include:

– Deputy Principal (उपप्रमुख अध्यापक, upapramukha adhyāpaka)

– Vice Principal (उपप्रमुख अध्यापक, upapramukha adhyāpaka)

– Assistant Principal (सहायक प्रमुख अध्यापक, sahāyaka pramukha adhyāpaka)

– Associate Headmaster (सहयोगी प्रमुख अध्यापक, sahayogī pramukha adhyāpaka)

– Deputy Head (उपप्रमुख, upapramukha)

– Sub-Principal (उपप्रमुख अध्यापक, upapramukha adhyāpaka)


Unfortunately, there are no specific antonyms for “Assistant Headmaster” in Nepali.

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