Assembly Meaning in Nepali: सभा, बैठक, संगठन, संघ, सभागृह, संगठनात्मकता

Nearby Words:

Noun: meeting (बैठक), gathering (सभा), conference (सम्मेलन), congregation (जनसभा), council (परिषद्), committee (समिति)

Verb: convene (बुलाउनु), gather (इकट्ठा गर्नु), unite (एकत्र गर्नु), organize (व्यवस्थित गर्नु), assemble (इकट्ठा गर्नु)

Part of Speech:




Assembly Synonyms:

1. gathering (सभा)

2. congregation (जनसभा)

3. meeting (बैठक)

4. conference (सम्मेलन)

5. council (परिषद्)

6. committee (समिति)

Description and Origination of Assembly:

An assembly refers to a gathering of individuals for a specific purpose, such as a meeting, conference, or council. It is a noun that signifies the act of coming together or uniting. The term “assembly” originated from the Latin word “assimilare,” meaning “to bring together.” Assemblies play a crucial role in decision-making, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas within various organizations and communities.


1. Dispersal (छिट्टै छोड्नु)

2. Dissolution (विघटन)

3. Separation (छुट्टाई)

4. Disbandment (छोड्नु)

5. Scattering (छिट्टै छोड्नु)

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