Asp Meaning in Nepali: एस्प, अस्प, अस्पदनीय, अस्पदनीयता, अस्पताल, अस्पताली, अस्पतालीय, अस्पतालीयता

Nearby Words:

Noun: अस्पताल (hospital), अस्पताली (hospital), अस्पतालीय (hospital-related), अस्पतालीयता (hospitality)

Adjective: अस्पदनीय (disgusting), अस्पदनीयता (disgust), अस्पतालीय (hospital-related), अस्पतालीयता (hospitality)

Part of Speech:




Asp Synonyms:

1. Snake – साँप

2. Viper – नागफनी

3. Serpent – सर्प

4. Adder – नागफनी

5. Cobra – नाग

6. Python – पाइथन

Description and Origination of Asp:

An asp is a venomous snake belonging to the viper family. It is known for its deadly bite and is often associated with ancient Egyptian mythology. The word “asp” originated from the Old English word “æspe” and has been used to refer to various venomous snakes throughout history.


1. Friend – मित्र

2. Ally – सहायक

3. Supporter – समर्थक

4. Helper – सहायक

5. Companion – साथी

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