Asidefrom Meaning in Nepali

Asidefrom, नेपालीमा अर्थ (nepalima artha): अलगबाट, बाहिरबाट, अतिरिक्तभावेसम्म

Nearby Words

  • Aside (adverb) – अलगबाट, बाहिरबाट
  • Aside (noun) – अलगबाट, बाहिरबाट
  • Asides (noun) – अलगबाट, बाहिरबाट
  • Asidehand (adverb) – अलगबाट, बाहिरबाट
  • Asidehand (adjective) – अलगबाट, बाहिरबाट

Part of Speech

Asidefrom is a preposition.



Asidefrom Synonyms

  • Besides – बाहिर
  • Apart from – बाहिर
  • In addition to – बाहिर
  • Other than – बाहिर
  • Except for – बाहिर
  • Away from – बाहिर

Asidefrom, meaning in Nepali, refers to something that is separate or excluded from a particular situation or group. It can be translated as “अलगबाट” or “बाहिरबाट” in Nepali. This word is a preposition and is pronounced as (ə-sīd-frŭm).

Some synonyms of asidefrom include “बाहिर”, “अतिरिक्तभावेसम्म”, and “अलगबाट”. It is often used to indicate something that is in addition to or apart from the main subject or topic.

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Overall, asidefrom is a versatile word that helps to express exclusion or separation in various contexts.

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