Aider Meaning in Nepali

Aider meaning in Nepali: उपकारी, सहायक



Part of Speech:


Nearby Words:

  • Assist (verb) – सहायता गर्नु, सहयोग गर्नु
  • Supporter (noun) – समर्थक, सहायक
  • Helper (noun) – सहायक, मदतगार
  • Ally (noun) – सहायक, मित्र
  • Assistant (noun) – सहायक, सहयोगी


  • Supporter – समर्थक
  • Helper – सहायक
  • Assistant – सहायक
  • Ally – सहायक
  • Aid – सहायता


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

Aider, a noun, refers to a person who assists or supports others. In Nepali, it is translated as “उपकारी” and “सहायक”. Aider can be pronounced as “ay-der”. Some nearby words include “assist” (सहायता गर्नु, सहयोग गर्नु), “supporter” (समर्थक, सहायक), “helper” (सहायक, मदतगार), “ally” (सहायक, मित्र), and “assistant” (सहायक, सहयोगी). Synonyms for aider include “supporter”, “helper”, “assistant”, “ally”, and “aid”. Unfortunately, no direct antonyms were found in Nepali. For further information and detailed definitions, you can refer to,, and

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