Ascends Meaning in Nepali: उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण

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Noun: उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण

Verb: उच्चारण, उच्चारण, उच्चारण

Part of Speech of Ascends:


Pronunciation of Ascends:


Ascends Synonyms:

1. Rises – उठ्नुहोस्

2. Climbs – चढ्नुहोस्

3. Mounts – चढ्नुहोस्

4. Soars – उड्नुहोस्

5. Elevates – उच्चारण

6. Upgrades – उच्चारण

Description and Origination of Ascends: Ascends is a verb that means to go up or climb. It is derived from the Latin word “ascendere,” which means to climb or mount. In Nepali, it is translated as उच्चारण. Ascends can be used to describe physical movements, such as climbing a mountain or stairs, as well as metaphorical movements, such as rising in status or achieving success.


1. Descends – उतर्नुहोस्

2. Falls – पर्नुहोस्

3. Drops – छोड्नुहोस्

4. Sinks – डुब्नुहोस्

5. Declines – कम्नुहोस्

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