ascending node

Ascending Node Meaning in Nepali: उच्च नोडको अर्थ (uchch nodako artha), उच्च नोडको अर्थमा (uchch nodako arthama), उच्च नोडको अर्थका साथ (uchch nodako arthaka sath)

Nearby Words:

Noun: नोड (nod), नोडको (nodako), नोडहरू (nodaharu)

Verb: नोड्नु (nodnu), नोडाउनु (nodaunu), नोडिनु (nodinu)

Adjective: नोडी (nodi), नोडिएको (nodieko), नोडिएका (nodieka)

Part of Speech:

Ascending Node is a noun.


(uh-sen-ding nohd)

Ascending Node Synonyms:

1. Orbital Node – ग्रहमार्गिक नोड (grahamargik nod)

2. Lunar Node – चन्द्रमार्गिक नोड (chandramargik nod)

3. Moon’s Node – चन्द्रमा नोड (chandrama nod)

4. Dragon’s Head – नागको तल्लो (nagako tallo)

5. Caput Draconis – नागको तल्लो (nagako tallo)

6. North Node – उत्तर नोड (uttar nod)

Description and Origination of Ascending Node:

The ascending node is a point in the orbit of a celestial body where it crosses the plane of reference from south to north. In Nepali, it is known as “उच्च नोड” (uchch nod). This term is commonly used in astronomy and astrology to describe the point at which a planet or the Moon intersects the ecliptic. It plays a significant role in determining the positions and movements of celestial bodies. The concept of ascending node originated from ancient Greek and Roman astronomical observations.


There are no specific antonyms for the term “ascending node” in English or Nepali.

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