Arsenal Meaning in Nepali: आर्सेनल, शस्त्रागार, शस्त्रकोष, शस्त्रशाला

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Noun: शस्त्रागार (arsenal), शस्त्रकोष (armory), शस्त्रशाला (armory), शस्त्रशाला (arsenal)

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Arsenal Synonyms:

1. Armory – शस्त्रागार

2. Stockpile – भण्डार

3. Depot – ठोस भण्डार

4. Warehouse – गोदाम

5. Storehouse – भण्डार

6. Repository – भण्डार

Arsenal is a noun that refers to a collection or stockpile of weapons and military equipment. In Nepali, it can be translated as आर्सेनल, शस्त्रागार, शस्त्रकोष, or शस्त्रशाला. It is pronounced as “ahr-suh-nl”. Some synonyms for arsenal in English include armory, stockpile, depot, warehouse, storehouse, and repository. Arsenal is an essential term in the field of military and defense. To learn more about the meaning and usage of arsenal, you can refer to,, or

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