Arrow-shot Meaning in Nepali: तीर-चाल (noun), तीर-चालको (adjective)

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Noun: Arrow, Shot, Meaning

Adjective: Nepali

Part of Speech:

Arrow-shot is a noun.


(arrow-shot) [ar-oh-shot]

Arrow-shot Synonyms:

1. Projectile – अवरोधक (noun)

2. Dart – तीर (noun)

3. Shaft – तीरको धनुष (noun)

4. Bolt – तीर (noun)

5. Missile – तीर (noun)

6. Projectile – तीर (noun)

Description and Origination of Arrow-shot:

Arrow-shot refers to the act of shooting an arrow. It is a term commonly used in archery and signifies the action of propelling an arrow from a bow. In Nepali, it is known as “तीर-चाल”. Archery has been practiced for centuries and has been an essential skill in warfare, hunting, and sport. The accuracy and precision required in arrow-shot make it a challenging and respected discipline. Today, archery is also recognized as an Olympic sport, showcasing the skill and technique involved in arrow-shot.


1. Stillness – शान्ति (noun)

2. Rest – आराम (noun)

3. Inactivity – निष्क्रियता (noun)

4. Immobility – अचलता (noun)

5. Motionlessness – अचलता (noun)

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