Aroused Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “aroused” can be translated into several meanings, including: उत्तेजित (uttejit), प्रेरित (prerit), उत्सुक (utsuk), उत्कट (utkat), and उत्साहित (utsahit).

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their respective parts of speech and Nepali meanings:

1. Arousal (noun) – उत्तेजना (uttejana)

2. Arouse (verb) – जाग्रत गर्नु (jagrat garnu)

3. Arousing (adjective) – उत्तेजक (uttejak)

Part of Speech: Aroused is a verb.

Pronunciation: (uh-rouzd)

Aroused Synonyms

Here are some synonyms of “aroused” in English along with their Nepali translations:

1. Excited – उत्साहित (utsahit)

2. Stimulated – प्रेरित (prerit)

3. Enthused – उत्कट (utkat)

4. Stirred – उत्तेजित (uttejit)

5. Provoked – उत्सुक (utsuk)


The antonyms of “aroused” in English and their Nepali translations are:

1. Calm – शान्त (shant)

2. Soothe – शान्त गर्नु (shant garnu)

3. Suppress – दमन गर्नु (daman garnu)

4. Dull – निस्तेज (nistej)

5. Depress – निराश गर्नु (nirash garnu)

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