Armourer Meaning in Nepali: आर्मररको अर्थ (ārmarrako artha), आर्मररको नेपाली अर्थ (ārmarrako nepālī artha), आर्मररको अर्थहरू (ārmarrako arthaharū)

Nearby Words:

Noun: आर्मरर (ārmarrar), आर्मररी (ārmarrarī)

Verb: आर्मरर बनाउनु (ārmarrar banāunu), आर्मररी बनाउनु (ārmarrarī banāunu)

Part of Speech:




Armourer Synonyms:

1. Blacksmith (कलाकार, kalākār)

2. Weaponsmith (शस्त्रकार, śastrakār)

3. Gunsmith (बन्दुककार, bandukakār)

4. Artificer (कलाकार, kalākār)

5. Metalworker (धातुकार, dhātukār)

6. Smith (कलाकार, kalākār)

Description and Origination:

An armourer is a person who makes, repairs, or sells weapons and armor. They are skilled craftsmen who work with metal to create protective gear and weapons. The term “armourer” originated from the Middle English word “armurer,” which came from the Old French word “armurier.” In ancient times, armourers played a crucial role in equipping soldiers for battle and ensuring their safety on the battlefield.


1. Disarm (निस्कार्य गर्नु, niskārya garnu)

2. Unarm (निस्कार्य गर्नु, niskārya garnu)

3. Disarmament (निस्कार्यता, niskāryatā)

4. Defenseless (संरक्षाहीन, sanrakṣāhīna)

5. Vulnerable (असुरक्षित, asurakṣit)

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