Argive Meaning in Nepali: आर्गिभको अर्थ (ārgibhako artha), आर्गिभको अर्थ (ārgibhako artha), आर्गिभको अर्थ (ārgibhako artha)

Nearby Words:

Noun: आर्गिभ (ārgibha)

Adjective: आर्गिभ (ārgibha)

Verb: आर्गिभ गर्नु (ārgibha garnu)

Part of Speech:




Argive Synonyms:

1. Greek – ग्रीक (grīka)

2. Trojan – ट्रोजन (ṭrojan)

3. Spartan – स्पार्टन (spārṭan)

4. Mycenaean – माइसेनियन (māiseniyan)

5. Hellenic – हेलेनिक (helenik)

6. Achaean – अचायन (achāyan)

Description and Origination of Argive:

Argive refers to something or someone related to Argos, an ancient city-state in Greece. It can also refer to the ancient Greek dialect spoken in Argos. The term originates from the Greek word “Argos,” which means “bright” or “shining.” In Greek mythology, Argos was known as the home of the hero Perseus and the legendary king Agamemnon. The Argive dialect was one of the major dialects of ancient Greek and was spoken in the Argolis region of Greece. Today, the term “Argive” is mainly used in historical and literary contexts to refer to the ancient city-state and its culture.


1. Non-Greek – गैर-ग्रीक (gair-grīka)

2. Foreign – परदेशी (paradeśī)

3. Alien – विदेशी (videśī)

4. Barbarian – बर्बर (barbara)

5. Outsider – बाहिरी (bāhirī)

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