Analysis Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “analysis” can be translated into several meanings. Some of the Nepali meanings of “analysis” include बिश्लेषण (bishleshan), विश्लेषण (vishleshan), विश्लेषणमा (vishleshanma), विश्लेषणको (vishleshanko), and विश्लेषणका (vishleshanka). These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context.

Part of Speech: Analysis is a noun.

Pronunciation: analysis (uh-nal-uh-sis)

Analysis Synonyms:

1. Examination – परीक्षा (pariksha)

2. Study – अध्ययन (adhyayan)

3. Evaluation – मुल्यांकन (mulyankan)

4. Interpretation – व्याख्या (vyakhyā)

5. Scrutiny – छानबिन (chhanbin)

6. Breakdown – टुक्राउने (tukrāune)

Description and Origination of Analysis:

Analysis is the process of examining something in detail to understand its nature or structure. It involves breaking down complex ideas or concepts into smaller parts to gain a deeper understanding. The term “analysis” originated from the Greek word “analusis,” which means “a breaking up.” It has been widely used in various fields such as science, mathematics, business, and research.


Some antonyms of analysis include synthesis (संश्लेषण – sanshleshan) and combination (संयोजन – sanyojan).

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