Anachorism Meaning in Nepali

Anachorism is a term that is not commonly used in the Nepali language. However, it can be understood as “असमयिकता” (asamayikata) or “असमयिक वस्तु” (asamayik vastu) in Nepali.

Nearby Words

  • Nepali Meaning: असमयिकता (asamayikata)
  • Nepali Meaning: असमयिक वस्तु (asamayik vastu)
  • Nepali Meaning: अवकाशिता (avakashita)
  • Nepali Meaning: अवकाशित वस्तु (avakashita vastu)
  • Nepali Meaning: अवकाशित व्यक्ति (avakashita vyakti)

Part of Speech

Anachorism is a noun.



Anachorism Synonyms

  • Synonym 1: Misplacement (गलत ठाउँमा राख्नु)
  • Synonym 2: Anomaly (विसंगति)
  • Synonym 3: Incongruity (अनुरूपता)
  • Synonym 4: Discrepancy (असंगति)
  • Synonym 5: Deviation (विचलन)
  • Synonym 6: Aberration (विपथन)

Description and Origination of Anachorism

Anachorism refers to something that is out of its proper time or place. It is often used to describe an object, idea, or person that does not fit within the context or time period it is found in. The term originated from the Greek word “anachronism,” which means “against time.” Anachorism can occur in various forms, such as an object from the past appearing in a modern setting or an outdated belief being held in contemporary society.


  • Antonym 1: Timeliness (समयमै)
  • Antonym 2: Relevance (सम्बन्धितता)
  • Antonym 3: Consistency (सुसङ्गति)
  • Antonym 4: Compatibility (मेलमिलाप)
  • Antonym 5: Conformity (अनुरूपता)

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