Part of speech: noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. संरेखण (sarekhan)

2. मिलाउनु (milaunu)



Nearby words:

1. Agreement (noun) – सहमति (sahmati)

2. Arrangement (noun) – व्यवस्था (vyavastha)

3. Association (noun) – संघ (sangh)


1. Arrangement

2. Positioning

3. Configuration

4. Coordination

5. Adjustment


असंरेखित (asarekhita) – Disalignment

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Alignments refer to the arrangement or positioning of objects or entities in a straight line or in a coordinated manner. It involves bringing different elements into proper order or synchronization. In Nepali, alignments can be translated as “संरेखण” (sarekhan) or “मिलाउनु” (milaunu).

Alignments are commonly used in various fields such as engineering, design, and mathematics. It ensures precision, accuracy, and uniformity in the arrangement of components. Nearby words to alignments include agreement (सहमति), arrangement (व्यवस्था), and association (संघ).

Synonyms for alignments include arrangement, positioning, configuration, coordination, and adjustment. On the other hand, the antonym for alignments is “असंरेखित” (asarekhita), which means disalignment in Nepali.

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