an meaning in Nepali

Meaning of “an” in Nepali

“an” is a Nepali word that can have multiple meanings depending on the context. Here are a few meanings:

1. Preposition:

a) बाट (bāṭa) – from

b) द्वारा (dhwārā) – by

c) को (ko) – of

2. Noun:

a) एक (eka) – one

b) अवस्था (avasthā) – condition

c) अवधि (avadhi) – period

3. Adjective:

a) अन्तिम (antima) – final

b) अन्य (anya) – other

c) अनुपम (anupama) – incomparable

Part of Speech of “an”:

an is a preposition, noun, and adjective in Nepali.

Pronunciation of “an”:

(an) – [uhn]

Synonyms of “an” in English with Nepali translation:

1. from – बाट (bāṭa)

2. by – द्वारा (dhwārā)

3. of – को (ko)

4. one – एक (eka)

5. condition – अवस्था (avasthā)

6. period – अवधि (avadhi)


This article provides the meaning of the Nepali word “an” along with its various parts of speech and synonyms. It also includes the pronunciation of “an” and its usage in different contexts. The article aims to help readers understand the versatile nature of the word “an” and its significance in the Nepali language.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any specific antonyms for the word “an” in Nepali.





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