Amongst Meaning in Nepali

Meanings of Amongst in Nepali

1. बीचमा (preposition) – in the middle of, surrounded by

2. मध्ये (preposition) – in the midst of, between

3. बीच (noun) – middle, center

Nearby Words

1. Among (preposition) – बीचमा, मध्ये

2. Amoral (adjective) – नैतिकताको अभाव

3. Amount (noun) – रकम, मात्रा

Part of Speech of Amongst

Amongst is a preposition.

Pronunciation of Amongst


Amongst Synonyms

1. Amidst – बीचमा

2. Between – मध्ये

3. Amid – बीचमा

4. In the midst of – मध्ये

5. Surrounded by – घिरिएको

6. In the middle of – बीचमा


The word “amongst” is a preposition in English that is commonly used to indicate being in the middle of or surrounded by something. In Nepali, it can be translated as “बीचमा” or “मध्ये”. It can also be used as a noun to refer to the middle or center of something, which is translated as “बीच” in Nepali.


1. Apart from – बाहिर

2. Outside – बाहिर

3. Away from – दूर





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