acacia nilotica

Acacia Nilotica


Acacia nilotica is a tree native to Africa and the Indian subcontinent. It is commonly known as the babul tree. The word “acacia” is derived from the Greek word “akis,” meaning a point or a barb, referring to the thorns on the tree. “Nilotica” refers to the Nile River, as the tree is found in abundance along its banks.

Nepali Meanings:

1. बबूल (babul) – a type of tree with thorns

2. खट्टी सिसो (khatti siso) – a tree with sour leaves

Nearby Words:

1. Tree (Noun) – रुख (rukh) – a large plant with a trunk and branches

2. Thorn (Noun) – काँटा (kanta) – a sharp-pointed spine on a plant

3. Bark (Noun) – छाल (chhal) – the protective outer covering of a tree trunk


1. Babul

2. Egyptian thorn

3. Indian gum arabic tree

4. Prickly acacia


There are no specific antonyms for Acacia nilotica in Nepali.

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