Amant Meaning in Nepali

Amant is a French word that means “lover” or “beloved” in English. In Nepali, it can be translated into several meanings:

  1. प्रेमी (premi) – lover
  2. प्रियतम (priyatam) – beloved
  3. माया (maya) – love
  4. प्रेम (prem) – affection

Nearby Words

  • Amal (noun) – hope
  • Amanat (noun) – trust
  • Amanush (noun) – inhuman
  • Amantran (noun) – invitation
  • Amanushya (noun) – human being

Amant Synonyms

  • प्रेमी (premi)
  • प्रियतम (priyatam)
  • प्रिय (priya)
  • प्रेमिक (premik)
  • स्नेही (snehi)
  • माया (maya)

Amant meaning in Nepali can be understood as प्रेमी, प्रियतम, माया, प्रेम, or affectionately as प्रिय. It refers to someone who is loved or a person who loves another deeply. The word is often used to express romantic or passionate feelings towards someone.

Pronunciation: [ah-mahn]

Part of Speech: Noun


  • अप्रेमी (apremi) – unloving
  • अप्रियतम (apriyatam) – unbeloved
  • अमाया (amaya) – hate

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