almost drowned

Almost Drowned

Meaning in Nepali: जलमग्न हुनु (jalmagna hunu), जलमूर्छित हुनु (jalmurchit hunu)

Pronunciation: (jahl-mag-nuh hoo-noo), (jahl-moor-chit hoo-noo)

Part of Speech: Verb

Nearby Words:

  • Almost (adverb) – जस्तै, लगभग (jastai, lagbhag)
  • Drown (verb) – डुब्नु (dubnu)
  • Water (noun) – पानी (pani)
  • Swim (verb) – तैराख्नु (tairakhnu)
  • Rescue (verb) – उद्धार गर्नु (uddhar garnu)


  • Almost suffocated
  • Nearly submerged
  • Barely survived drowning
  • Close to being overwhelmed by water
  • On the brink of drowning


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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