Part of speech: Noun

Meaning in Nepali:

1. अनुपातिकरण (anupatikaran)

2. अनुपातिकरण गर्ने क्रिया (anupatikaran garne kriya)



Nearby Words:

1. Alligator (Noun) – अलिगेटर

2. Allegation (Noun) – आरोप

3. Alleged (Adjective) – आरोपित


1. Proportion (Noun) – अनुपात

2. Ratio (Noun) – अनुपात

3. Mixture (Noun) – मिश्रण

4. Blend (Noun) – मिश्रण

5. Combination (Noun) – मिश्रण


1. Separation (Noun) – विभाजन

2. Division (Noun) – विभाजन

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Remember, “alligation” refers to the process of finding the ratio in which two or more ingredients of different prices are mixed to obtain a desired average price. It is commonly used in mathematics and pharmacy.

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