Aftermath Meaning in Nepali

Part of Speech: Noun

Meanings in Nepali:

  1. पछिपाट, उपशान्ति, अन्तिम परिणाम
  2. पछिपाट, उपशान्ति, अन्तिम परिणाम

Pronunciation: /ˈæftərmæθ/

Nearby Words

  • After: (Preposition) पछि, अनुसार, अन्त्यमा
  • Afterbirth: (Noun) जन्मपछि निस्कने जीवाणु, जन्मपछि निस्कने जीवाणु
  • Afternoon: (Noun) दिउसो, दिउसोको समय, दिउसोको समय

Synonyms of Aftermath

  • Consequence
  • Outcome
  • Result
  • Effect
  • Repercussion

Antonyms of Aftermath

No antonyms found in Nepali.

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Note: This article provides the Nepali translation and meanings of the word “aftermath”.

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