Adulation Meaning in Nepali

Adulation (noun) – गर्व, प्रशंसा

Pronunciation: [ad-yuh-ley-shuhn]

Part of Speech: Noun

Nearby Words:

  • Adulterate (verb) – मिलाउनु, अपवित्र गर्नु
  • Adumbrate (verb) – छापामार्नु, अग्राह्य गर्नु
  • Advent (noun) – आगमन, प्रवेश


  • Flattery – खुशामद, चापलूसी
  • Worship – पूजा, आराधना
  • Praise – स्तुति, प्रशंसा
  • Adoration – पूजा, भक्ति
  • Homage – श्रद्धांजलि, आदर


Disapproval – अस्वीकृति, अनुमोदन नगर्नु

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Adulation, meaning “गर्व” or “प्रशंसा” in Nepali, is a noun that refers to excessive admiration or praise. It is often associated with flattery and worship. Adulation can be expressed through words, actions, or gestures, and it is usually directed towards someone who is highly respected or admired. It is important to note that while adulation may seem positive, it can sometimes be insincere or manipulative. Synonyms for adulation include flattery, worship, praise, adoration, and homage. The antonym of adulation is disapproval, which means to express a negative opinion or lack of acceptance. To learn more about adulation and its usage, you can refer to,, or

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