Meaning in Nepali: किशोरहरू, तरुणहरू

Pronunciation: (ad-uh-les-uhnts)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby words:

  • Adolescence (noun) – किशोरावस्था
  • Adult (noun) – प्राप्तवयस्क
  • Childhood (noun) – बालपन
  • Puberty (noun) – यौवनावस्था
  • Teenager (noun) – किशोर


  • Youth
  • Teens
  • Juveniles
  • Youngsters
  • Young adults


No Nepali meaning found for antonyms.

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Adolescents, also known as teenagers or youth, refer to individuals who are in the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. This period, called adolescence, is characterized by physical, psychological, and emotional changes as young people mature into adults. Adolescents often experience rapid growth, hormonal changes, and the development of their identity and independence.

During adolescence, individuals may face various challenges and opportunities, including education, relationships, and self-discovery. It is a critical phase for personal growth and the formation of values and beliefs. Understanding the experiences and needs of adolescents is essential for parents, educators, and society to provide appropriate support and guidance.

Overall, adolescence is a significant and transformative period in a person’s life, shaping their future and influencing their journey towards adulthood.

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