Adamantine Meaning in Nepali

Adamantine meaning in Nepali: अदम्य, अदम्यतापूर्ण

Pronunciation: [ad-uh-man-teen]

Part of Speech: adjective

Nearby Words:

  • Adamant (noun) – अदम्य, अटल, अटलतापूर्ण
  • Adapt (verb) – अनुकूल गर्नु, लागू गर्नु
  • Adage (noun) – कथामुखी, कथामुखी वाक्य

Adamantine Synonyms:

  • Unbreakable (अदम्य)
  • Indomitable (अदम्य)
  • Inflexible (अदम्य)
  • Resolute (अदम्य)
  • Steadfast (अदम्य)

Adamantine Antonyms:

No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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Adamantine is an adjective that describes something as extremely hard, unbreakable, or unyielding. In Nepali, it is translated as अदम्य and अदम्यतापूर्ण. The word is pronounced as [ad-uh-man-teen]. It is often used to describe substances or materials that are exceptionally strong or resistant to damage.

Some nearby words to adamantine include “adamant” (अदम्य, अटल, अटलतापूर्ण), “adapt” (अनुकूल गर्नु, लागू गर्नु), and “adage” (कथामुखी, कथामुखी वाक्य).

As for synonyms, adamantine can be replaced with words like “unbreakable” (अदम्य), “indomitable” (अदम्य), “inflexible” (अदम्य), “resolute” (अदम्य), and “steadfast” (अदम्य).

Unfortunately, no direct antonyms for adamantine were found in Nepali.

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