acquisition of knowledge

Acquisition of Knowledge

Meaning in Nepali: ज्ञान प्राप्ति, ज्ञान अधिग्रह

Pronunciation: (अक्वाइजिशन अफ नालेज)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Acquire (verb) – प्राप्त गर्नु, अधिग्रह गर्नु
  • Knowledgeable (adjective) – ज्ञानी, ज्ञानवान
  • Intellect (noun) – बुद्धि, बुद्धिमान
  • Education (noun) – शिक्षा, शिक्षण
  • Wisdom (noun) – प्रज्ञा, बुद्धि


  • Attainment
  • Learning
  • Acquiring
  • Gaining
  • Obtaining


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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The acquisition of knowledge refers to the process of gaining information, understanding, or skills through various means. It involves the accumulation of facts, concepts, and experiences that contribute to one’s intellectual growth and development. Knowledge acquisition can occur through formal education, self-study, observation, or interaction with others.

Acquiring knowledge is essential for personal and professional growth. It empowers individuals to make informed decisions, solve problems, and adapt to new situations. The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey that requires curiosity, critical thinking, and continuous learning.

Through the acquisition of knowledge, individuals expand their understanding of the world, enhance their cognitive abilities, and broaden their perspectives. It enables them to explore new ideas, challenge existing beliefs, and contribute to the advancement of society.

In conclusion, the acquisition of knowledge is a fundamental aspect of human development. It fuels intellectual curiosity, promotes personal growth, and empowers individuals to make a positive impact on the world.

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