Accuses Meaning in Nepali

Part of Speech: Verb

Meanings in Nepali: दोषी ठहराउनु, आरोप लगाउनु

Pronunciation: (uh-kyooz)

Nearby Words:

  • Accuse (Verb): आरोप लगाउनु
  • Accused (Noun): आरोपित
  • Accuser (Noun): आरोपकर्ता
  • Accusation (Noun): आरोप
  • Acquit (Verb): दोषमुक्त गर्नु


  • Blame
  • Charge
  • Denounce
  • Implicate
  • Indict


दोषमुक्त गर्नु (Acquit)

To accuse someone means to charge or blame them for a wrongdoing. In Nepali, the word “accuses” can be translated as “दोषी ठहराउनु” or “आरोप लगाउनु”. It is a verb that is commonly used in legal and everyday contexts.

When someone accuses another person, they are making an allegation or stating that the person is responsible for a particular action or offense. The word “accuses” is pronounced as “uh-kyooz”.

Some nearby words related to “accuses” include “accuse” (verb), “accused” (noun), “accuser” (noun), “accusation” (noun), and “acquit” (verb).

Synonyms for “accuses” include “blame”, “charge”, “denounce”, “implicate”, and “indict”. The antonym for “accuses” is “acquit” (दोषमुक्त गर्नु).

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