Accretions Meaning in Nepali

Accretions (नेपालीमा अर्थ) – वृद्धि, बढावो, जोड़

Pronunciation of Accretions: (uh-kree-shuhns)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Accrue (verb) – बढ्नु, बढाउनु
  • Accumulate (verb) – जम्मा गर्नु, बढाउनु
  • Augmentation (noun) – वृद्धि, बढावो
  • Increment (noun) – वृद्धि, बढावो
  • Amass (verb) – जम्मा गर्नु, बढाउनु

Accretions Synonyms:

  • Accumulations
  • Growths
  • Additions
  • Increments
  • Accumulates

Accretions Antonyms:

No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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Accretions refer to the process of gradual growth or accumulation of something. It can be used to describe the buildup or addition of material, ideas, or elements over time. In geology, accretions are the layers of sediment or rock that are deposited and added to existing formations.

Accretions (नेपालीमा अर्थ) – वृद्धि, बढावो, जोड़

Accretions is a noun and is pronounced as “uh-kree-shuhns”.

Some nearby words to accretions include “accrue” (बढ्नु, बढाउनु), “accumulate” (जम्मा गर्नु, बढाउनु), “augmentation” (वृद्धि, बढावो), “increment” (वृद्धि, बढावो), and “amass” (जम्मा गर्नु, बढाउनु).

Synonyms for accretions include accumulations, growths, additions, increments, and accumulates. However, no direct antonyms were found in Nepali.

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