account sales

Account Sales

Meaning in Nepali: खाता बिक्री (khaata bikri), खाता बिक्रीमा (khaata bikrima)

Pronunciation: (khaa-taa bik-ri), (khaa-taa bik-ri-maa)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Accounting (noun) – लेखापरीक्षण (lekha parikshan)
  • Accountant (noun) – लेखापाल (lekha paal)
  • Accountability (noun) – जवाफदेही (jawaafdehi)
  • Accrue (verb) – जम्मा हुनु (jammaa hunu)
  • Accumulate (verb) – जम्मा हुनु (jammaa hunu)


  • Sales
  • Selling
  • Trade
  • Commerce
  • Transaction


No direct antonyms found in Nepali.

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Account sales refer to the process of selling goods or services on credit to a customer. It involves maintaining a record of the sales made to each customer and the corresponding accounts receivable. In Nepali, account sales are known as “खाता बिक्री” (khaata bikri) or “खाता बिक्रीमा” (khaata bikrima).

As a noun, account sales are an essential part of business operations, especially for companies that offer credit to their customers. It helps in tracking sales, managing customer accounts, and ensuring timely payments. The nearby words related to account sales include accounting, accountant, accountability, accrue, and accumulate.

Synonyms for account sales include sales, selling, trade, commerce, and transaction. These words can be used interchangeably to refer to the process of selling goods or services on credit.

Unfortunately, no direct antonyms for account sales were found in Nepali.

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