Bambino Meaning in Bengali

Bambino, in Bengali, has several meanings. It can be translated as “শিশু” (shishu), meaning child, or “ছোট বাচ্চা” (chhoto bachcha), meaning little child. Other possible translations include “কিশোর” (kishor), meaning teenager, and “কৃষকের ছোট ছেলে” (krishoker chhoto chele), meaning farmer’s son.

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (bæmˈbiːnoʊ)

Nearby Words:

  • 1. Infant: (noun) শিশু
  • 2. Toddler: (noun) কিশোর
  • 3. Child: (noun) ছোট বাচ্চা
  • 4. Youth: (noun) যুবক
  • 5. Adolescent: (noun) কিশোর

Bambino Synonyms:

  • 1. Child: শিশু
  • 2. Kid: ছেলে
  • 3. Youngster: তরুণ
  • 4. Minor: অপ্রাপ্য
  • 5. Tot: ছোট বাচ্চা
  • 6. Junior: কিশোর

Origination of ‘Bambino:

The word ‘bambino’ originated from Italian, where it means “baby” or “child.” It is commonly used in English to refer to a young child or baby.


  • Adult: প্রাপ্য
  • Elder: বড়
  • Senior: বড়
  • Grown-up: প্রাপ্য
  • Mature: প্রাপ্য

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