Bamboo Meaning in Bengali

Bamboo, known as “বাঁশ” (baash) in Bengali, is a versatile plant that holds great cultural and economic significance in the region. It is a noun and is pronounced as “bam-boo” (/bæmˈbuː/).

Nearby Words:

  • Forest: (noun) বন (bon)
  • Plant: (noun) উদ্ভিদ (udbhido)
  • Green: (adjective) সবুজ (shobuj)
  • Stalk: (noun) ডাল (dal)
  • Shoot: (noun) শুটি (shuti)

Bamboo Synonyms:

  • Cane: (noun) বাঁশ (baash)
  • Reed: (noun) বাঁশ (baash)
  • Pole: (noun) বাঁশ (baash)
  • Stick: (noun) বাঁশ (baash)
  • Stem: (noun) বাঁশ (baash)
  • Shaft: (noun) বাঁশ (baash)

Origination of Bamboo:

Bamboo is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, including Bangladesh. It has been used for centuries in various aspects of daily life, such as construction, furniture, crafts, and even as a food source.


  • Concrete: (noun) কংক্রিট (konkrit)
  • Steel: (noun) ইস্পাত (ispat)
  • Iron: (noun) লোহা (loha)
  • Stone: (noun) পাথর (pathor)
  • Brick: (noun) ইট (it)

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