Analyzes Meaning in Telugu: విశ్లేషిస్తుంది (vishleshistundi), విశ్లేషించుకోవడం (vishleshinchukovadam), విశ్లేషిస్తుంది (vishleshistundi), విశ్లేషించుకోవడం (vishleshinchukovadam).

Pronunciation of Analyzes: /ˈænəˌlaɪzɪz/

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: analysis – విశ్లేషణ
  • Noun: analyst – విశ్లేషకుడు
  • Verb: analyze – విశ్లేషించు
  • Adjective: analytical – విశ్లేషణాత్మక

Example sentences:

  1. The scientist conducted a detailed analysis of the data.
  2. The financial analyst predicted a decline in the stock market.
  3. Please analyze the results and provide a report.
  4. Her analytical skills helped her solve the complex problem.

Analyzes Synonyms:

  • examines
  • studies
  • scrutinizes
  • evaluates

Analyzes Antonyms:

The antonym of analyzes in Telugu is not available.

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